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Roye was born in Coventry and has been playing guitar / singing and writing since the age of 12 and up until November 1969 had played with several acts including a short stint with the London version of the musical "Hair". Shortly after this he moved to Sweden where he joined the band Outsiders and it was there at a nightclub in Gothenburg that he met and played a short jam with Jimi Hendrix. This changed the course of Royes musical direction and he went on to co-found the band Rainbows back in the UK.

During a tour of Germany and eventual seven-night residency in the Top Ten Club in the late 60’s in Hamburg Germany, Roye and Ron met for the first time and there lies the beginnings of Nektar.

Roye's trademark unique vocals and instantly recognisable guitar playing style were and still are integral trademarks of the Nektar sound. Roye appears and is an integral part of all of Nektars original releases up to 1976- Journey to the Centre of the Eye -A Tab in the Ocean - Sounds Like This.....- Sunday Night at the Roundhouse - Remember The Future - Down to Earth - Recycled - Live in New York - More Live in New York and many more since.

In the quiet years of effective inactivity for Nektar between 1976 and 2002, He worked with several different bands including Snowball (a jazz rock outfit) Quantum Jump (a kind of Pseudo 10cc) and eventually the more poppy Grand Alliance before calling it a day.

After many years of inactivity and several attempts to pull the old band back together, it wasn’t until 2002 that this came to fruition with the offer of performing at the Northeast Art rock Festival (NEARfest) in June of that year. Since then Nektar have gone from strength to strength with the new line-up of Howden / Albrighton / Dembo and Hughes, recording a new studio album Evolution in 2004. 2007 sees a stunning new dawn for the band with a globally supported release of "Book of Days", and an expanded line-up for live and future studio work.

Unlike many of his contemporaries, Roye is never satisfied with sticking to one style of music, moreover he tries to bring something new into play every time he ventures out onto the stage or into the studio, this way he believes it keeps the mystique of Nektar fresh that seems to lend itself to generations old and new.

Roye Albrighton uses George Dennis Blue Line Series amplification –

Roye also has his own website at coming soon
Ron Howden
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Born in Sheffield England and now living in New Jersey USA, Ron worked with many bands from his home town before leaving England in 1964 with the band the Rockin Berries. They played army bases in France and this eventually led to meeting up with Derek (Mo) Moore and forming the band the Upsetters playing the US army bases in Germany.

Ron then went to Greece where they recorded a cover version of the hit Sunny and did several TV and club shows before returning to Germany where they supported many acts including the Everly Brothers / The Platters and Bill Lawrence amongst many of the American bands touring in Europe at the time. About that time Ron met Allen (taff) Freeman and formed the band Prophecy which was the predecessor to Nektar.

They started playing a lot of clubs in Germany for two week periods mostly near the army bases. It was shortly after this at the Star Club in Hamburg that Ron bumped into Roye Albrighton who was with his band Rainbows at the Top Ten Club around the corner.

After the departure of Prophecy’s guitarist Colin, Roye was asked to come over to Germany to join them, and so after a quick change of name, Nektar was born.

Ron has always been an integral founder member of Nektar. He appears on all of Nektars albums with the exception of Man in the Moon [1980] and Prodigal Son [2001]. Everything else bears the unique stamp of Ron Howden. Ron actively keeps his hand in playing live whenever he can with whoever he can.

As a musician Ron Howden is unique, as a drummer he is unmistakable. To watch him perform on his instrument is like watching a fine tuned well balanced timepiece, and Nektars music would not be what it is today without his expert touch.

Ron Howden plays and records using Cadeson drums. On Book of Days, Ron can be heard playing the latest Cadeson "Blast" kit.

Ron Howden plays Cadeson Drums and Sabian Cymbals and

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My very first musical passion at the age of 11 were The Beatles with their albums “Rubber Soul” and “Sgt. Pepper”. When I started playing the piano two years later, the urge arose to become musically active myself.

At the age of 16 I played my first gig with my band “Stunk Band”. We developed ‘cult status’ around Göttingen in the mid seventies. Our idols were Yes, Gentle Giant and Deep Purple. My heroes at the time and until now were: Brian Auger, KeithEmerson, George Duke, Jan Hammer and of course, Jon Lord. Also, because of his vocal qualities, Paul Carrack, who I admired as member of Warm Dust and last but not least Don Airey, now keyboard player with Deep Purple, who I then saw playing with Colloseum II.

But there was certainly another band which we truly admired: Nektar. They frequently played in our area and what unforgetable moments we had: Their unique light shows, wow… what a trip!!

After finishing school I worked as a male nurse, followed by attending to civilian service in Hamburg 1978. Obviously my passion for Rock’n Roll was even stronger…and I started my career as a professional musician with the Jutta Weinhold Band, playing heavy Rhythm’n Blues, later on working for Klaus Schulze’s IC Label as a studiomusician.

After moving to Hannover in 1983, I played with the Krautrockband Jane with PeterPanka. During the nineties I had my own poprock project Two are One and worked with Klaus Hess’ Mother Jane. In the mid nineties, after becoming the pianoplayer for Big Mama & The Golden Six I developed a strong interest in Gospel music, which was to become my passion even until now.

In 1998 we reunited the Jutta Weinhold Band, which I mainly ignited and produced. Due to an offer in 2002 Jutta decided that she would rather turn to Metal.

Since then Gospel with Big Mama has been my main focus and, amongst others, featuring Johnny Logan whom I accompanied on the piano.

All bands/projects earlier mentioned produced records, in the case of Big Mama also a live DVD.

In addition to this I contributed towards many studio recordings in Hannover.

Nevertheless my love for hardrock as well as progrock never ceased, the main reason why I am truly looking forward to this new challenge with Nektar. It seems to me thatstarting in my youth the course of my musical development becomes full circle.

Of course, being a keyboarder of the “oldschool” I call a Hammond M3 my own, which I don`t carry around with me but use for work in the studio. My live setup contains a Roland A 90 expanded, which I value above all for its solidness, various expanders, as well as my “pocket”-Hammond, an XB1 with a Hughes & KettnerRotosphere, an 8 Channel Ibanez RM 80 Mixer for submixingand a Yamaha Aktive Box KS 100 as monitor, which I consider just as reliable.



Lux Vibratus


Lux Vibratus

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Lux grew up in the Bay Area and has been playing bass since age 15.

Early influences at the time were Zappa, Yes and King Crimson.

Ironically, at age 19, an opportunity came up to join a full-time Irish Folk Band.
Averaging five shows a week, ranging from Irish pubs, state fairs, schools, outdoor malls, old folks homes, even a mental hospital (on one occasion) and two European tours based around an annual International Folk Festival in Germany.
Though primarily to gain some live experience, after two years of this it was time for a change. Time to find other vehicles of expression.
The local music scene was thriving, so after joining a few original projects, ranging in style from psychedelic, surf-punk, electronic, circuit bending and industrial. Eventually, playing fretless bass in a project called Zarb'zan, with Igor Abuladze, a student of Fripps Guitar Craft and who later played with The League of Crafty Guitarists.

A member of Chrome and Helios Creed since 2007.
Beginning with a US tour in 2008, additional live dates and writing sessions in 2009. Then in 2010, work began tracking new H.C. material. With more live dates that year, including opening for MGMT on the west coast part of their tour, with the highlights of playing The Fillmore, The Fox and The Greek Theatre. By mid 2011, the new record by H.C., entitled 'Galactic Octopi' was released. Having played bass and synthesizers, in addition to the engineer and co-producer roles. Later that year, after passing a video audition, began playing live with Nektar on the Space Rock Invasion Tour, with Brainticket and Huw Lloyd Langton (of Hawkwind). With the added privilege of backing up Huw on "Rocky Paths" for a few of the nights with members of Brainticket. Later released on DVD by Cleopatra. In January of 2012, studio sessions with Farflung resulted in the White Hills/Farflung 12" split single, on the twelve minute track "Fade". This was followed by a European tour with Farflung in March-April, which included The Roadburn Festival in Holland. Later that year, recording sessions for a new Chrome record were completed. Returning to Nektar in 2013 for the Cruise To The Edge event, with additional touring scheduled throughout the year.  Cool!





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