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Robert Murdoch - Peter Lango - Thomas Jung - Paul Higgins [1974] Penzance Winter Gardens
Mick Brockett
Liquid/Static/Film projection (1970-78 / 2002 .......)
Following his success with the Fantasia Light Circus in London in the 60's, Mick travelled to Germany where his show was performed at the Star club in Hamburg Germany.

This is where Mick met the Prophecy who ultimately became Nektar.

Mick was soon to be asked to join the band as his special talent of syncing lights to the bands music soon found success with the crowds.

Micks lighting ideas were far in advance of the time, his imagination as well as innovation made people sit up and notice Nektar. Mick left Nektar in 1978 at the same time as Dave Nelson.

Mick was - is and always will be an integral part of Nektars history. [ Mick 1971]
Paul Higgins
Technician (roadie)
Born in Chesterfield, England, 1951, took an interest in Music at an early age with piano lessons and then onto guitar as a teenager.

Always interested in rock and roll and Electronics. Eventually built his first electric guitar and amp. Onto Derby Tech for his HND in Electronics and Electrical Engineering.

After that, applied for a job at Midas Martin, sound system manufacturers. They recommended him for a job with what he thought was a German rock band, Nektar, having seen them on "Old Grey Whistle test" (1972) . Travelled down to Chipping Norton Studios where to his surprise most of them were from around his area. Mo and Ron from the Sheffield area and Roye from Coventry. Taff he couldn't figure out, at that point, a Scotsman with a Welsh nickname. 

Anyway they were recording "Remember the Future". Joined as technician (roadie) soon after, flew to Frankfurt and the rest as they say is history....
Larry fast
Synthesizers 1975, '78, '02 (guest artist)
The band met Larry on our Remember the Future tour back in the 70's, and after hearing what he could do with synths, it was decided to invite him over to the studio in France where the band were recording Recycled. Larry recorded on Recycled as well as Magic is a Child in 1977. He has also involved in the USA remixes of Recycled - A Tab in the Ocean and Magic is a Child re-issue.

Larry never toured with the band extensively but whenever possible Larry is always welcome to step on the stage with the guys.

Since his departure Larry has worked with many big name acts.
Peter Lango
Stage Lighting/Management/Effects Director 1974-present day
Born in Salford, Manchester in 1949, Pete got into music around 1963 running bands back and forth on saturday nights where they would do double gigs between two halls for a local promoter, Jack Bennet. Pete also worked in Blackpool at that time with bands such as PJ Proby, The Walker Brothers and a lot of the up and coming acts in the area. Then he started full time as a roadie with Reverend Black and the Rocking Vicars, Lemmy being their guitarist in those days.

Started a lighting and projection business in 1972 "Confusion Lights". Bought alot of equipment in London and told the dealer to give Nektar his name if they ever needed someone to help out with the Lights & Projection. Then low and behold the phone rang: it was Mick Brockett calling from London. Nektar had just finished a tour and were in Chipping Norton recording Down to Earth. Mick came up to Manchester to see the equipment and meet Pete. A few days later he called again and said if Pete wanted to be part of the band he should be in London early the next Monday morning, as they were going back to Germany that day. Pete didnt have much time to consider this big decision, but he loaded up his old Ford Transit van with his possessions, lights, projectors, scaffolding on the roof rack and left his home on April 1st 1974 to become a member of the Nektar Family.

Pete has been a part of the family ever since, with some obvious breaks working for the likes of Peter Gabriel, Teddy Pendergrass and quite a few other bands in the US.

Fast forward to 2002 when everyone got back together for the reunion in Trenton - NJ, to quote Pete " It was as if we all had never been apart - the old magic was still there and still is."

Pete's experience gives him a keen insight to all the roles required on the road and he is often found responsible for the stage lighting as well as the stage management and the general well being of the band.

He has now taken on the additional task of Digital Projection for the new lighting show that the band started touring in 2006.

Pete was again integral to the bands performance on the German tour Sept/Oct 2007
Hans Werner (Vinnie) Schmid
Front of house sound (1970-1978/2002/2006-2008)
At the start of the Nektar story N E K T A Rs first crew member was Vinnie. Vinnie knew the band from the first hectic days in Hamburg and hailed from Mannheim in Germany. However one day when the band were trying to load their gear downstairs into the basement of a venue Vinnie said "You go off, I will get it down and set up for you", the band retorted "do that and you have a job". Sure enough when they came back from a meal, everything was downstairs and set up working. Needless to say he got the job and progressed to Live Front of House sound, a role he kept until his leaving in the late 70's but returned for the Trenton New Jersey reunion gig and for some of Nektars later live tours.

Vinnie knew Nektar music like nobody else and his dedication to sound and life was an inspiration to all

Nektar used Vinnie's extensive rehearsal studios to prepare for touring, he also ran a showcase room as well as a recording studio.

Sadly he passed away on 3 August 2012.
He will be sorely missed.
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